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Windage Screen-Scraper

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Windage Screen/Scraper Assembly - Now available for the Big Block Chrysler (and soon for small blocks) an easy to fit crank scraper and one way screen kit complete with all the parts you need.

This set up makes 12 verifiable horsepower over the stock windage tray and much more over ‘pan only’. Kit comes with 4 special main studs, hard ½ inch washers and hex nuts from ARP. Next is the scraper itself and two dowel pins to locate the scraper permanently, and a one way screen that allows oil to pass through its directional Teflon coated surface but it won’t allow the oil to bounce back through it. The screen is cut specially to fit inside the webs and be formed to the same radius as the crank counterweights, and then attached there over the studs in the number 2 and number 4 supplied studs.

Fitting is simple as the scraper can be moved around until it comes within .040” of the counterweights on all sides. It is then bolted down and drilled for the dowels. Minor trimming may be necessary if you use an internal pick-up and for rod nut clearance but most require nothing.

The result is a set-up that will PEEL the oil off the spinning crankshaft and deposit it into the screen and pan sump. The screen also takes the rotating splash of the rods and throws as well as the oil sprayed from between the rods and direct it harmlessly into the sump.

Another unintended benefit is in case of engine failure, all the broken parts will be caught and deposited neatly in the sump of the pan and not a drop of oil hits the surface of the track. Heck, it should be a required safety device!

All this for $149.95, AND it all fits inside a stock oil pan.

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