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"Dvorak Machine can make horsepower with anything that slings a piston"

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One of the leaders in the Southeast for High Performance Machine work. We provide precision High Performance Machine Shop Services including, porting, Flow Bench work, Special Block and Head Machining techniques, High percentage sealing, Low percentage drag. All engines, Marine, drag, Oval track, Pull track. MOPAR, CHEVY, PONTIAC and FORD. An Engine for every level of competition and Every budget. We Specialize in Horsepower per dollar.

Our NEWEST products include:

Hemi Rocker Stands Rockershafts / Holddowns
Rocker arm Bushing Kits RB 4-Bolt Conversions

Any many more specialized Dvorak products. Call us today!


What's NEW at Dvorak Machine!

New Multiple Carburetor Synchronizer - Anyone who has an engine with more than one carburetor can appreciate the necessity of this tool. No way, no how can a pair of carburetors be adjusted perfectly, balanced for optimum off idle response, by EAR. Can’t be done.

No matter WHO you are and how long you have adjusted carbs for idle quality, you have NEVER gotten it exact unless you used one of these babies. Invented by the side draft motorcycle crowd, we at DVORAK MACHINE have adapted it to be used for the many multi carb applications we face.

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